TX63 assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TX63 assault rifle replica (ASCU version)
  • TX63 assault rifle replica (ASCU version)

TX63 assault rifle replica (ASCU version)

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Brand: LCT

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TX63 assault rifle replica (ASCU version)


The replica of the finest Soviet weapon system ever, in modified version, designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. 

The replica is made using highest grade components with the greatest attention to details and recreating the original down to the smallest part. It is made almost entirely out of steel. The pistol grip is made from polymer, the front handguard and stock are made from painted plywood and the RIS rails are made of aluminum. 

Thanks to used materials the replica is characterized by improved durability. There are no loose parts or inaccuracies. The whole is a single, solid element. Internals allow easy power tuning and provide with long and trouble-free functioning in the stock configuration. 

Guaranteed ~415 FPS muzzle velocity makes the replica a perfect choice for any assaulter. The sturdiness and precision of manufacturing make it also a great battlefield simulation training tool. 

The replica does have the ASCU3+ module, installed in our workshop. 

ASCU is a two part electronic module (control unit and sensor unit), which greatly improves work culture of airsoft replicas. The standard terminal pin was replaced with a sensor unit which monitors the actual situation of the piston sprocket, fire selector and trigger. The data is then sent to the control unit which process the information and controls the replicas motor using MOSFET active brake. 

Version 3 characteristics: 

  • polymer shields on the PCBs for increased protection during installation

  • smooth work when in semi-auto mode

  • prevents accidental 2 bullet shots – 1 trigger pull means 1 shot

  • when in use with dedicated hop-up chamber, in replicas with working bolt catch, it prevents shots when magazine is empty

  • new cut off lever and selector plate designed especially for ASCU module

  • new low resistance, elastic wires

  • no need for modifying reinforced gearboxes


ASCU improves gearbox V2 work and makes it on par with more costly and complicated PTW class replicas. 

The ASCU system monitors replicas work regardless of the trigger pulling speed and is responsible for piston full work cycle – in both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes. After each shot the piston is locked in retracted position. 

ASCU has the Low Drain Protection system, designed for protection of the LiPo accumulators. 

The ASCU stops shooting in case of any problems, preventing further damage to the replica. 

The ASCU is a two-part electronic module (the control module and the sensor module) which, upon being installed in the Airsoft replicas, significantly improve their operation. The traditional joint module was replaced with a sensor module which monitors the actual position of the piston thread-wheel, the firing mode selector lever and the trigger. The gathered information is sent to the control module – in which the software located in the processor analyzes it and controls the replica’s motor with the use of the MOSFET active break. 

In the case of the new module, its functions and characteristics are very similar to the previous model, yet the new ASCU module is hidden completely in the gearbox. What is followed by this, you do not need any additional wiring or extra place in the replica. As the manufacturer informs, the new unit is equipped with updated and newer software, an active break and it reacts better for the trigger operation. Additionally, the new ASCU V.2 set includes a dedicated firing mode selector plate, a cut off plate and a thermal-conducting tape.

ASCU Gen. 3+ includes the following upgrades: 

  • added polymer padding to the circuit boards, protecting them from damage during installation
  • obsolete short-circuit software removed, making shots in semi-auto much faster
  • a dedicated H-U chamber makes it impossible to shoot when the magazine is empty
  • every pull on the trigger results in a single shot, new system prevents any double-shots
  • new cut-off lever and selector plate designed specially for the ASCU
  • new, thicker wires
  • no need to dremel or modify the reinforced gearboxes.

The ASCU improves the operation of a V.2 gearbox and makes that the replica equals the more expensive replicas and the more sophisticated PTW class replicas. The ASCU system monitors the operation of the replica no matter the speed of squeezing the trigger and is responsible for the full cycle of the piston’s operation, both in the semi-automatic and full automatic firing modes. The piston stops in the starting position after each shot.

The ASCU is equipped with the Low Drain Protection system which is specially designed to secure the lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries from being damaged.

In case of any emergency, the ASCU stops the firing mode in the replica and, therefore, secures the inner elements from further damage.

The ASCU is easy to install in the replica which is equipped in the V.2 gearbox. Most of the models does not require the modification of the airsoft rifle’s original parts. Yet, in some cases, some minor changes may have to be introduced – thanks to this the installation process will be completed without any problems.

The control unit is very small and may be placed in the stock or in the front grip (6,5cm x 1,6cm x 1,4cm), while as the second sensor unit fully replaces the connection module and the wiring.

The sensor unit monitors the operation of the piston thread-wheel and thanks to this the whole system is capable of making a full cycle of the gearbox operation (the BB pellet will never remain in the barrel upon removing the magazine and the main spring will always be lose when the replica is not used).

The ASCU module is adapted to operate with more sensors which will not allow to place a shot when the magazine is empty and, in the case of the “M” replica series, it will make the user use the magazine catch lever whenever the magazine is replaced with a new one.

  • The module improves the trigger’s reaction time of the AEG replica, which in comparison to the classic module is practically instant.

  • It prevents from an accidental double shot: when the next trigger squeeze is faster than the human reaction – each trigger squeeze is one shot.

  • It allows to shoot a 3 round burst by squeezing the trigger shortly in the full-auto firing mode.

  • The easy to install module replaces the connectors and the anti-reversal in any V.2 gearbox which’s application eliminates the jamming of the piston. Moreover, it guarantees that the replica will always make a complete cycle (the main spring will remain in the lose position).

  • The ASCU controls the battery charge level and does not allow it to discharge too excessively what is very important whenever using lithium batteries (LiPo, LiIon, LiFe).

  • The module scans for problems and malfunctions and informs about it with a sound and vibration and, also, cutting off the power source what prevents from further damage to the gearbox.

  • Cooperating with the dedicated HU chamber, the module eliminates a blank shot in the replicas equipped with an operating bolt catch – this means that it is impossible to shoot when the magazine does not feed the replica with BB pellets.

  • The ACSU unit significantly extends the battery’s lifespan.

  • It gives more possibilities than the Systema Revolution and the PTW at smaller installation costs and allows to use a wide range of spare parts which are available for the V.2 and V.3 gearbox.


The ASCU unit has got the CE certificate and is compatible with the RoHS directive.



The set includes:

- TX63 AEG carbine replica
- hi-cap magazine (300 rounds)




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