TITAN™ V2 Expert Edition Controller Kit Rear Wiring
  • TITAN™ V2 Expert Edition Controller Kit Rear Wiring
  • TITAN™ V2 Expert Edition Controller Kit Rear Wiring

TITAN™ V2 Expert Edition Controller Kit Rear Wiring

Product code: GAT-08-037740-00 Brand: GAT
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Brand: GAT
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TITAN™ V2 EXPERT Controller Rear Cable Kit

Controller Kit The TITAN™ V2 Drop-In mosfet transforms your AEG into an advanced training replica. It will give you a tactical advantage with its lightning-fast trigger response, with the ability to modify the replica and adapt it to any mission with 20 available features. This is GATE's most advanced and top-of-the-line model. 

The TITAN™ V2 controller breathes a whole new life into an electric ASG replica.

Layout TITAN version EXPERT has unlocked access to all programming functions using GATE Control Station.

TITAN™ offers new possibilities:
- Trigger sensitivity adjustment
- Pre-cocking boost, which is an adjustment for keeping the spring taut (shortens the time from pressing the trigger to firing)
- Adjustable fire selector modes
- Series firing mode
- Adjustable rate of fire
- Low battery warning
- Protects the battery from damage
- "Sniper delay"
- Full cycle detection
- AUG mode - possibility to set two trigger sensitivities (single and continuous fire)

Broader description of TITAN™ controller features:

REGULATION trigger sensitivity
Five sensors allow you to control the trigger sensitivity. There is no need to take the replica apart, just use the Tactical Programmer Card, or the GATE™ Control Station app to do so. It will allow you to tailor the replica to your skills and individual preferences.

Configurable Fire Selector (gen. 2)
The two sensors can be programmed in three ways, with up to 6 functions to choose from:
- SAFE-SEMI-BURST*/AUTO (short hold - BURST, long hold trigger AUTO)
- SAFE-BURST*-AUTO (SAFE by switching modes quickly, then: SAFE-SEMI-SAFE)
*BURST indicates batch firing mode.

The TITAN™ control system can detect the exact position at which it should end a cycle. This ensures that even the shortest squeeze of the trigger will result in a full firing cycle (replicas without the TITAN™ system often jam when the trigger is held too short if it does not complete the shot. TITAN™ eliminates this defect).
This results in:
- Automatic BURST (batch) mode, there is no need to set the batch cycle time, just set how many rounds are to be fired
- Automatic Pre-Cocking, which is available in every fire selector setting mode: SEMI BURST and AUTO. So unlike normal MOSFETs, you do not have to configure this function manually. Simply set the pre-cocking power of the spring
- ALWAYS FULL CYCLE - when pre-cocking is disabled TITAN™ will make sure the gearbox performs a full cycle and the spring is sure to be released when the shot is fired. This results in greater reliability of the gearbox.

PRE-COCKING (gen.2*)
Because victory in a duel often depends on a fraction of a second, thanks to the pre-tensioning of the spring we achieve a trigger response comparable to a real firearm. The spring is pre-tensioned, so at the same time we warn that using this mode on strong springs leads to faster wear of the internal parts of the replica.
There are two modes of using the PRE-COCKING function:
1. AUTO (-matic) mode - the spring is tensioned after each shot
2. SMART mode - the spring is tensioned to spare by slowly depressing the trigger, and the shot is fired with a quick squeeze of the trigger.
Three PRE-COCKING mode options can be programmed: HIGH / MID / LOW - each will adjust the spring tension to a different degree

*The PRE-COCKING mode now works in all selector modes: SEMI, BURST, AUTO and does not require manual calibration

BURST (gen.2)
BURST mode, or programmable batch shooting now only requires you to select the number of balls to be fired (up to 10 balls / trigger pull). This is of great use on any MILSIMs or when using real/low -cap magazines.

Allows you to reduce the firing rate of the replica. This allows you to use more powerful Li-Po batteries and still have a rate of fire consistent with the actual weapon.

Lets you change the way ROF CONTROL works:
- ON - ROF Control adjusts the speed of the cycle, making the Gearbox run smoothly and reducing wear and tear on the replica's internal parts
- OFF - RIF Control adds pauses between each shot to reduce the rate of fire. This gives a very realistic feel

Lets you set the delay between each shot in SEMI mode to simulate delay by reloading or recoil compensation. Can be set to: 0.5s, 1.0s, 2.0s, 3.0s

For a comprehensive description of all features, visit the manufacturer's website: http://www.gatee.eu/

Full instruction manual can be found at the link below:

The set includes:

- TITAN Drop-In module in EXPERT firmware version
- Installation kit
- Quick-start guide (l. English)
- TITAN patch

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